Sierra Leone -- 1990

"Saluting the Coming Exploration of Mars"

"In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation
than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there
be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to
the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce
the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject."
President Gerald Ford
(as a US Congressman).

Scott #1171 -- The 'Face' on Mars.
This set of stamps--4 sheetlets of 9 stamps each and 1 souvenir sheet--was issued in 1990 by the African country of Sierra Leone. This set of stamps is famous, or should we say infamous for being sold at prices of several thousand dollars on the Internet, some web-sites asking for as much as $15,000. per set. The image above features the 'famous' stamp.
Scott #1167 -- Historical Observations.
This sheetlet of 9 stamps features images of Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Giovanni Schiaparelli's canals, the Martian planet in profile, the Mariner 4 spacecraft & the Mars II & III Landers
Scott #1168 -- Physical Features.
This sheetlet of 9 stamps features images of the Mariner 9 Spacecraft, The Mariner 9 w/phobos in background, The Cydonia region, The South Polar Cap, a Profile of Mars, A Polar Cap in Profile, Nix Olmpica, Valles Marineris & the North Pole
Scott #1169 -- Viking Project.
This sheetlet of 9 stamps features images of Olmpus Mons, The Viking 1 Spacecraft, The Viking 2 Spacecraft, A Lander Entering Martian Atmoshpere, A Parachute Deployment, The Final Descent, Lander On Martian Surface, Soil Sampling, A Martian Panorama.
Scott #1170 -- Future Exploration.
This sheetlet of 9 stamps features images of Martian Dusk, Project Deimos, A Martian Survey, A Martian Launch, Rocket to Mars(X2), Spacecraft in Orbit, Crew Activities, Space Station.

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